[stɒp] verb I
1) [T] to prevent someone from doing something, or to prevent something from happening
Policies like this aren't going to stop crime.[/ex]
A broken leg won't stop me from going to the concert.[/ex]
2) [I/T] to no longer do something, or to no longer happen
When the rain stops, I'm going out.[/ex]
I want to stop smoking.[/ex]
3) to no longer move
The car stopped at the traffic lights.[/ex]
Lots of people stopped and stared at the accident.[/ex]
4) [T] to prevent someone from continuing to walk or drive so that you can talk to them
I stopped a woman and asked her for directions.[/ex]
5) [I/T] to no longer work, or to cause something to no longer work
My watch has stopped.[/ex]
Can you stop the engine?[/ex]
6) [I] if a bus or train stops somewhere, it stops moving in order to let passengers get on or off
Does the train stop at Cambridge?[/ex]
7) [I] to pause while you are moving or doing something so that you can do something else
He stopped and listened before opening the door.[/ex]
Jeff stopped to get a drink of water.[/ex]
stop at nothing — to do anything in order to get what you want, even if it is very bad[/ex]
stop it/that — used for telling someone not to do something that they are doing[/ex]
[i]Stop it! You'll hurt him.[/ex]
stop short of (doing) sth — to not do something, although you almost do it[/ex]
I stopped short of telling him what I really thought.[/ex]
- stop by
- stop off
noun [C]
stop */[stɒp]
1) a place where you stop on a journey, or the time that you are there
The president's first stop on his tour will be Honolulu.[/ex]
After a brief stop for coffee, we were on our way.[/ex]
2) a place where a bus or train stops in order to let passengers get on or off
I'm getting off at the next stop.[/ex]
come/jerk/skid etc to a stop — to stop moving[/ex]
put a stop to sth — to prevent or end something[/ex]
pull I

Dictionary for writing and speaking English. 2014.

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